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"Pray for Japan Film"...Stuart Levy

Posted: Sat Aug 06, 2011 8:12 am
by jklchow
...I very rarely come to this forum, so I understand that I have very little in the way of trust and weight when I say things. But I feel that this has to be said, or at least known.

Stu Levy wants to direct and produce "Pray for Japan - the Film", a documentary of the Japan Tsunami Disaster.

Stu Levy, founder of Tokyopop...and all that entails.
Stu Levy, executive producer and director

My message is...

Not with him as the one in charge. Not for what he wants to use the money for. Not with his reputation and lack of foresight.

As none of the donations or proceeds go back to Japan.

So please, continue to donate through Tsunami relief funds. I will continue to do the same. But I cannot stomach money being donated and spent in the name of a worthy cause, to a person in charge who seems to care so much about it that he or she is not willing to donate and give in that same way...