Desk Quest (of jelly) - A Work in Progress

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Desk Quest (of jelly) - A Work in Progress

Post by Ham » Fri Jul 15, 2005 6:04 pm

Hey everyone. Some of you might remember a short comic/story I posted here a few months back (under the username biosrevision) called Siamese. Well, since a handful of people seemed to enjoy that comic (and because this is about the only forum I know of where you can shamelessly plug your comic) I thought I'd post part of my new project, a work-in-progress called Desk Quest.

A few months ago I decided to mix these comics together along with new stuff and update them for the internet. Desk Quest is actually based on two seperate comics I scribbled in my daily planners around last September as a kind of mind-clearing excercise. The first was the story of Charlie DeChopples, a horrible burn victim. The second was a Lord of the Rings parody (except not really) about a quest for a magical desk made of jelly. The fact that it had two source comics might make it seem kind of disjointed but I think it adds to the stream-of-conciousness feel.

Anyway, enough of my babbling. Click here to read the first few chapters. Comments and suggestions welcome and appreciated.

National Hamcake

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