Chrono Trigger [DS] and Chrono Cross

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Chrono Trigger [DS] and Chrono Cross

Post by dark77778 » Mon Dec 01, 2008 2:41 pm

Okay, I've played these two games a little too much over the past 10 years, as in I've played through Chrono Trigger annually for the past 10 years :? I probably know a little too much about the game, but it's a fantastic game at that and for those of you who have just picked up your first copy of the game ever, you're in for a wild ride. The game actually never gets old because there are always new things to do, or not do, and the combat is so fluid you can barely tell it's ATB.

Chrono Cross takes the game a step further, and blurs the heck out of all the solid lines from Chrono Trigger, which is why some people dislike the game. The thing about Cross though, is that while it opens up a new can of worms, it does it in a way that makes sense. I mean, seriously, you couldn't have expected to have gone galabanting through time the way you did in Trigger and not have massive ramifications could you? Cross makes you pay for all of the crazy stuff you pulled in Trigger, and does it in a big way. I've only been able to play through this game once in its entirety because it's so huge, but the experience is so worth it, and so mind boggling that it etches itself into your brain...and then you play Chrono Trigger again to enjoy it even more.

There's also a the little known in-between game that you can find on emulator only, called Radical Dreamers, which was the first sequel to Chrono Trigger before they began working on Cross. RD came out for the SNES and is a really neat segway almost directly into Cross, and not at the same time.

Okay, so what can this forum be used for? Well for those of you having troubles in the game if it's your first time, you can ask about it here, and for those of us who have finished the game, we can debate random facts I guess with big SPOILER markings around us.
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