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Post by Kazu » Sun Sep 26, 2004 6:15 am

Do You Accept Submissions?

Not currently.

How does one become a part of FLIGHT?

Just do your own thing. Post comics here or elsewhere, work on your storytelling skills, do your own projects. If your work looks like something we would like to add to our roster, then we will contact you. Please be patient, and don't make being a part of FLIGHT your goal.

For the artists currently working on the book, this thing called FLIGHT did not exist before they created it. Being a part of the crew is NOT the goal of these artists. They're more concerned with telling good stories and getting better at their craft. None of them need FLIGHT to do this, and neither does anyone else. It's all about good storytelling. If you have compelling work, and someone has seen it, chances are we will find it eventually, and we'll ask you to be on the book. Be patient. Hone your skills.

Also, this book began as a collaborative project among friends who had a mutual respect for each others' previous work. They have all been drawing plenty of material before they began their stories for the book. None of the original crew asked to be on the book. They were all invited, and I have decided that from now on this will continue to be the case.


Please. This puts me in an awkward position. I have stopped answering these requests, since it totally bums me out to send dozens of negative emails out to people, who will most likely see them as rejection letters, which they are not. I sincerely wish I could bring each and every person onto the book, but as we all know, that's not very practical. I do hope that every person who has shown interest in contributing eventually has the sensibility and talent that we're looking for. I've seen people go from producing chicken scratch to some of the most beautiful images ever put to paper, so don't give up... Being intelligent about your future decisions, working incredibly hard, and acquiring great taste can take you quite a long way.

My goal was never to work to create a great anthology. I only created the anthology to house great stories. The creation of the "institution" is a distant second to the creation of great work. If you are a creator of amazing stories and illustrations, hopefully we will find you and be asking you to contribute. Remain humble, hone your craft, find good influences, pay tribute to your inspirations, share stories with others via the web, print, or otherwise, and we might meet you somewhere down the road...

If you have any other questions, you can ask them here:



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