Want to impress your date?

Recommend restaurants, dishes, cuisines, etc.
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Want to impress your date?

Post by agremar » Fri Nov 19, 2004 5:11 pm

Hungering for a tremendous dining experience in LA, or hoping to celebrate a special ocassion? All the restaurants listed below have impeccable service and pleasing environs. They'll break the bank if you want to go again and again, but for a once in a while treat, you should definitely experience some of these:

Lucques: My favorite restaurant in LA. Dishes are primarily american with a french twist. Of special interest would be their braised beef shortibs. This is the type of place you go for a 2-3 hour meal, and remember to bring your credit card--but it's definitely worth it. Should you want to go lighter, there's a special bar menu after 9:30, try the steak frites bearnise. You'll invariably see famous people here. 10/10

Campanile: Excellent in every aspect, and located in Charlie Chaplin's old offices Of special interest is their Thursday Grilled Cheese night, offering a variety of things you should have at least once in your life--my favorite is the Welsh Rare Bit. On other nights, go for the rosemary-charred baby lamb or prime rib with black olive tapenade and bitter greens 10/10

Jar: Primarily a steak house, they have an excellent bar menu. My favorite there is the iceberg wedge, with lumps of blue cheese and bacon as a prelude to a steak that, once tasted, you'll be longing for the rest of your life. 9/10

Table 8: An pretty varied menu, but if you go with the braised pork belly or lamb w/ parsely risotto your taste buds will go to heaven. 9/10

A.O.C: A wine and tapas place, you can get an enormous variety of dishes. I recommend trying the flight of wine offered that evening with a cheese plate, you can't go wrong. 10/10

At some point later I'll detail more...and I'll also cover some of the next tier down.

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Post by T-lapia » Sat Feb 12, 2005 10:49 am

these sound like good places. do you have theur addresses?

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