Dave's Recommendations by Genre

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Dave's Recommendations by Genre

Post by slavidzee » Sun Nov 20, 2005 12:00 am

Hey all, here's what I'm listening to at the moment. I have fairly disparate tastes, so I thought I'd split them up by genre. **By the way, does anyone fantasize about film depictions when listening to a particularly inspiring song? I can't stop coming up with movie ideas just from listening to my mp3 player while commuting. Anyone?

Thelonius Monk and John Coltrain: Live ath Carnegie Hall.
And all time favorite, Take Five: Dave Brubeck Quartet

Give up: The Postal Service (Genre transcending -hop on the bandwagon!!)
Behind the Music: The Soundtrack of Our Lives (Swedish band channels Bad Religion and classic rock)
One Step Ahead of the Spider: MC 900 Ft. Jesus (From the 90's, this guy presents deft skill with spoken word, jazz and rock. Also completely genre -transcendant)
Von: Sigur Ros (They sing in a made up language called "Hopelandic", the bow their electric guitars. Emotional sounding stuff.)

The Hours Soundtrack: Philip Glass (Yes, it's not classical, but it's a really emotionally rich orchestral arrangement. I can only describe it as baroque meets Paul Van Dyk)

Black on Both Sides: Mos Def (My all time favorite rap album. There's a song on the album that extols the virtues of education and figuring out how the world works for yourself :"Mathematics". That's all you need to know about this speedy, Brooklyn-born muslim rapper/shakespearean actor with a huge vocabulary).
Since We Last Spoke: RJD2 (We've seen the likes of him before: whiteboy reconceives hip hop from his unique perspective. Like Shadow, he brings a completely different flavor to his mixes. Expect guitar licks & whispy vocals.)
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