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General DnB thread (AFX, Squarepusher & of course others

Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2005 12:43 am
by Groovemaster_D.
6 pages of music recommendations, 2 topics called 'Franz Ferdinand', but nowhere can I find a topic for one of my favorite genres: Drum and Bass!?

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Seriously... you guys...
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OK, I'm by no means an expert on this, but I do know what I like. Let me post some recommendations because, after all, that is what this topic is for.

Aphex Twin
Perhaps known as AFX. I got to know him through the song Windowlicker, which I did not enjoy at that time and it still isn't really my thing.
I recommend his album '...I Care Because You Do' most. It's brilliant. You have to get used to some of his drums (insane!) but that's just part of his style, although not all the time. The man is a pioneer. His creativity is amazing and you could tell only by the sheer amount of diversity in his work: sometimes he does ambient, another time he does hard DnB. Regardless of whether you like the music or not, you have to acknowledge his influence.
Some recommended songs:
Come To Daddy (Pappy Mix) -- This song is hard and raw. I love it to pieces because it's so good. The intro, the raw beats, the vocals/screams - it all works so perfectly.
It's on the Come To Daddy EP. Bucephalus Bouncing Ball and To Cure A Weakling Child, Contour Regard are also on this album, and they rock as well.
Acrid Avid Jam Shred -- This one is from the ...I Care Because You Do album. Amazing song. It's a lot more relaxed than some of his other work - mainly because of the drums at first glance - but that does not mean it's not as good. Start As You Mean To Go On, Mookid and Next Heap With are awesome songs from that album as well; some aren't even DnB but why should they need to be?
Girl/boy song -- From the Richard D James album. This is a song most people like. If you do not focus on the drums, it's basically an easy going, normal song. I bet it's the use of classical instruments which makes it feel not so electronic. Other songs from this album I love are 4 and Fogerbib
I also own the album Druqkz, which encompasses 2 CD's, and although it has some amazing songs on it, I would not recommend this to jusy anyone - you have to like AFX because this is at times more 'just wierd' than most would like, methinks. Still, I love the album. Some great songs from this album are Jynweythek Ylow, Vordhosbn, Mt. Saint Michel Mix + St. Michaels Mount and Btoum-Roumada. Again, not all are DnB (some songs feature only piano or something like that).

When you know Aphex Twin, like it and start to search for more quality DnB, you're bound to run into Squarepusher. AFX is better known and most people like AFX better than Squarepusher, but I like the latter better. Where AFX is an amazing musician, he still, to me, is more 'electronic'. This is by no means a bad thing - on the contrary: I love AFX - but Squarepusher's songs have a more living, 'real' feel to them (not always though) -- with Squarepusher I do not as fast get the feeling the song has been made by computer. Tom Jenkinson (Squarepusher) studies bass on the conservatory, I believe, so he plays his own basslines most of the times (he edits them sometimes though) so I guess that's why I experience his music in this way.
His album 'Hard Normal Daddy' I recommend to anyone. That's right: any one. It's pure brilliance, probably one of my top 5 albums I own. I wouldn't even want to name it DnB alone. the album is a mixture of all great styles - groove, funk, jazz, electronic - and Squarepusher creates a perfect album. Not all of Squarepusher's albums are this good, however. 'Squarepusher presents Budakhan Mindphone', for example, I only like one song of (it consists of only 7 songs, but still that's not much). The rest of his albums that I own, I can put on and enjoy, but most of the songs are 'just' real good instead of all the brilliant ones on 'Hard Normal Daddy'
As for some recommended songs:
Beep Street -- This is from the 'Hard Normal Daddy' album. As I've said, I recommend the entire album, but this has to be the best song from the entire CD. The melody is brilliant, the feel I get from the song makes me completely euphoric... Ahhh, you have to listen to it to know what I mean. Cooper's World (reminds me of the Shaft theme), Papalon, E8 Boogie and The Fat Controller are great songs as well.
Iambic 9 Poetry -- An amazingly light song. Its parts aren't spectacular, but the song is all the more. Basically, it's just drums (non-electronic) and several tones making up a simple melody, but it works. so. good. I love this song to bits and I'm thinking most people will. This is not DnB, I would not even call this electronic music, but it doesn't have to be, now does it? Recommended, and then some. Tetra-sync and Ultravisitor are the other beauties from the album (called 'Ultravisitor'). The former has one of the coolest basssolo's in it and amazing, amazing drums; the latter is, to me, a short song with an outro longer than the song itself - the 'song' last 3+ minutes and the 'outro' is 4+ minutes of repeating the same thing, but each time different. It sounds boring, but somehow I am always surprised the song is over quicker than I thought. These songs are more electronic, by the way.
Iambic 5 Poetry -- Also an amazing song. Almost the same title as the song recommended a couple of lines above. It's from 'Squarepusher presents Budakhan Mindphone' and is the only good song from that mini-album, but it's a great song. This one as well is really light and relaxed. Not as good as Iambic 9 Poetry, but still awesome.
The albums 'Big Loada' and 'Go Plastic' are really good as well, but none of them feature truly great songs that I really want to point out. But, for completism's sake, I'll post 'em anyway. From 'Big Loada' I recommend A Journey To Reedham (7AM Mix). I love it, but I don't think a lot of people would think of it as good as I do. I love the two melodylines that Squarepusher qeaves through each other - both very different from each other, but they work. From 'Go Plastic' I recommend I Wish You Could Talk. This song doesn't really evolve or anything - you cannot break it up into significantly different parts - but that's what I like about it: it flows, slowly, from beginning to end and it keeps you (well, me :D ) listening.

Venetian Snares
I only have one of his albums, but this one is only for the fans -- it's really progressive, a sort of "artcore" thing. He uses measures that are rarely used, especially not within this kind of genre.
I love this kind of music, but I'm a bit of a freak myself some times regarding tastes in music.
I have the album 'Rossz Csillag Allat Szuletett' and I like it. I cannot comment on any of his other music because I don't know it.

finally, I wish to point people to this website: It also has a forum where some users post their own songs. You can download them for free and some of them are really great. This thread has the songs.


Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2005 12:43 am
by Groovemaster_D.
Phew, well, now let's hope that someone is willing to read this!

Posted: Mon Aug 08, 2005 1:23 pm
by WillisDrummond
Thanks for the info. I've been wanting to check out some of that stuff since watching the Chris Cunningham DVD. Now I know where to start.

Posted: Mon Aug 08, 2005 10:04 pm
by Joey
I'm a pretty big Aphex Twin fan. I went through a sorta electronica phase in Middle School, or early High School, and mostly am embarassed by the whole thing now, ha ha. But one guy I definitely kept liking is Aphex Twin. The originality of his music stands out for me. I like Squarepusher alright too, but haven't heard as much. Whereas I have just about every Aphex Twin album. "Richard D. James" is my favorite...and I happen to like Windowlicker a lot. This ambient stuff is also good studying or calming down. When I first got it, I was like "What is this crap!?!" but now I dig it :P

no prob

Posted: Sat Aug 27, 2005 4:30 pm
by Groovemaster_D.
I actually enjoyed typing it - I like typing about something I enjoy.

I don't own any of the ambient works, but I've heard something at a friend of mine's place. She owns one CD but I don't know which one it is. I liked what I heard and have been trying to get my hands on a cheap one.

Posted: Mon Aug 29, 2005 5:34 pm
by B Moore
Aphex Twin fans might be interested in this new album where a 22-piece orchestra plays his music. They do great versions of '4' and 'Fingerbib' from Richard D. James Album.


Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2005 5:34 am
by Groovemaster_D.
Sounds cool - I'll try and check this out!

more dnb

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2005 6:02 pm
by Groovemaster_D.
Having delved more into DnB, I have to agree: AFX's ambient stuff ('Selected Ambient Works II') is awesome. Check it out.

Other ambient: Autechre. Really amazing. Especially songs like Montreal, Clipper, The Trees and Overand. Very nice stuff.

Squarepusher's 'Feed Me Wierd Things' album is really good. Especially Squarepusher Theme, Tundra, Kodack and UFO's over Leystone.
The song Do You Know Squarepusher? I think rocks as well, but it might not be everyone's cup of tea.
The album 'Music Is One Rotted Note' clearly shows his jazz influences. I've just bought the CD so I cannot recommend any songs from the top of my head, but there were some very nice one's on there.