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Posted: Sun Jan 16, 2005 11:37 am
by E
RJD2 : The Horror
Franks Sinatra's Greatest Hits
Van Hunt


Posted: Sun Jan 16, 2005 10:14 pm
by Dek
Kean wrote:Download the new vinyl-only album Tum by The Impossible Shapes, made officially available by Secretly Canadian. Great for posers that don't actually own a record player (like me!). The album will only be available for six weeks (the length of their tour with Jens Lekman), after which it'll be taken down.

Grab the album here.
I'm currently trying to figure out what I would do, without you to point me towards awesome music. Between this, your site, and OTHER musicblogs that you link to, I'll never go''s just so beautiful *sniff*...

Posted: Mon Jan 17, 2005 10:34 am
by peng8noodles
cheers to kean! for if it were not for he, i would be musically dumbfounded and would just be sitting at my computer pounding on the keyboard like a chimp. :D

that's an excellent album. thanks for pointing it out!

Posted: Tue Jan 18, 2005 3:26 pm
by Kean
If you guys liked that album, you should maybe think about buying The Impossible Shapes' studio LP, Horus, which hits stores Feb. 1 (and will be available on CDs, or so I am told!). [edit]: sample two tracks from Horus, including the excellent "Survival."

Also, has anyone heard the latest Iron and Wine song, "Trapeze Swinger?" I have been putting off buying it from iTunes, but I hear it is totally worth the 99 cents.

Posted: Tue Jan 18, 2005 7:41 pm
by Yuikio
Soul Coughing: "Circles"-sorry, I never heard it on the radio, and it's catchy.
Built to Spill: "Ancient Melodies of the Future" and "There's Nothing Wrong with Love," and the mp3 from amazon by them ""Still Flat"
and My Bloody Valentine: Loveless. It grows on you. :)

Posted: Wed Jan 19, 2005 1:44 am
by Kean
...can't... listen... fast... enough... too much new music... how the hell do all those music bloggers do it?

Listening to yet another new track from Bright Eyes' forthcoming I'm Wide Awake It's Morning, via Stereogum.

Also: stream the upcoming albums of Ani DiFranco's Knuckle Down and The Chemical Brothers' Push The Button.

[edit]: Gah, it was obviously a late night. Fixed all the linky-poos.

Posted: Wed Jan 19, 2005 10:14 am
by Phil McAndrew
THANKYOU for that Bright Eyes link, Kean. Man, what a nice song.

Posted: Wed Jan 19, 2005 5:18 pm
by agremar
I recommend The Concretes, it's a very listenable a popier more upbeat Azure Ray. Also, Nada Surf's Let Go is getting heavy rotation for me, even though it's an older album (2002). The song "Inside of Love" is a killer, but pretty much the entire album is solid

Posted: Wed Jan 19, 2005 9:05 pm
by WillisDrummond
Kean wrote: Also, has anyone heard the latest Iron and Wine song, "Trapeze Swinger?" I have been putting off buying it from iTunes, but I hear it is totally worth the 99 cents.
The .99 is worth all nine and a half minutes of it. I wasn't an Iron and Wine fan before seeing "In Good Company," but was quickly converted during the course of the film. I immediately acquired Creek Drank... and Our Endless Numbered Days, not to mention his iTunes exclusives. I can't wait for the new ep in February. It is a little odd to hear ol' Sam B. say "F--k the man" midway through the song. A lot of his work seems to have a spiritual bent. Anyone know any specifics on Sam's faith?

Also, just got Sufjan Stevens "Michigan" but haven't spent much time with it.

Posted: Thu Jan 20, 2005 12:20 am
by PuzzleShift
Sigur Rós - "Hún Jörð ..." from Von


Posted: Thu Jan 20, 2005 1:04 am
by jose
Here's the playlist I made for my first day of Spring semester. I needed something fun to listen to in the car on the way to school or else I wouldn't of wanted to go to class, hehe!
Brahmini Caribou
There's No Fucking Rules, Dude !!!
High Come Down Junior Boys
The wall (mylo mix) The Egg
Reset Githead
You're Lying Linx
Love is War (Original Ocean Dr) Ignition
Track 5- Chromeo
v_ear_v_eyes Bourbonese qualk
Insecurity Stacey Q
USA (ft. KWAL & RQM) I-Wolf & Burdy
Modeselektor's Rave Anthem Modeselektor (Ellen Alien's DJ cd)
Dem Girls Remix081104 Apeanaut
huygens_alien_winds_descent_radar Huygen on Titan NASA
Diplo Rhythm Feat. Sandra Melody, Vybz Cartel & Pantera Os Danadinhos Diplo

Like Kean I'm into MP3 Blogs. Ohhhh how I love them. Lots of the songs above I downloaded from several mp3 blogs. I made a list of my favorites at , the old home of my own mp3 blog.

Posted: Thu Jan 20, 2005 1:44 am
by Captain Uglyhead
What I am listening to now:

Some musics from lucasarts games (Grim Fandango mostly)
Some minibosses music, which is NES game music done with rock instruments.
Some other miscellaneous junk.

Maybe I should get more classy music so that I can look all smart and impressive when I tell people I listen to orchestras and arias and symphonies and stuff, so they think I'm a genius scientician who knows languages and trades silks and spices.

Posted: Thu Jan 20, 2005 3:33 am
by Sweet_Baboo

Posted: Thu Jan 20, 2005 10:31 am
by WillisDrummond
I gotta ask Kean where he gets his music info. I mean, I do my best to keep up on the indie music scene, but Kean and a few other people around here make me look like I know nothing. Where can I go to keep up like you guys (besides frequenting this forum, which is where I come now)?
also, thanks for all your info here. Those Arcade Fire tracks from KCRW are awesome.

Posted: Fri Jan 21, 2005 12:22 pm
by Los Fokos
Figurine: "The Heartfelt"
Cafe Tacuba: "Vale Callampa"
Her Space Holiday: "The Young Machines"