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Elephant Micah

Post by Kean » Mon Feb 28, 2005 4:43 pm

So today I got my copy of Elephant Micah and The Agrarian Malaise, the final album of his 'trilogy' (the previous two being Elephant Micah and The Palmyra Palm, and Elephant Micah and The Loud Guitars). Basically the work of one man, Joe O'Connell, all three albums are meditative albums of folk-tinged Americana, with most songs being about love, travel, and escape. With the sparse arrangements, fuzzy electric guitars, and the lo-fi recording, it can be a somewhat rough listen, but that simply adds to the charm of most of the songs. Fans of Songs: Ohia will love this stuff.

A couple of tracks that I ripped from my copy of The Loud Guitars, just to whet your appetites (haven't got round to doing the same for this new album):

Rose City (of all our dreams)
Big Star

The albums are ridiculously limited (only 135 copies of the CDRs were made), so you might want to go bug Time Lag Records directly for a copy, maybe?

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