Lauren Kennedy sings JRB

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Lauren Kennedy sings JRB

Post by J-Minter » Sun Sep 06, 2009 11:30 pm ... B00008BL6G

I have been listening to more and more mellow pieces lately (probably because I'm starting to draw a rather depressing story segment), and came across this album. I write musical theater a fair amount myself, and have been a fan of Jason Robert Brown for a while, but hadn't looked into any of his music being done beyond the stage. Songs of Jason Robert Brown is a great album to listen to for a couple reasons. It can either provide background with an excellent flow of music, or just a good listen to all of the lyrics, which never fail to be interesting. I personally love Lauren Kennedy's voice in this because it blends so well with JRB's instrumental range, and the performance of "Give it All for You" demonstrates how well their two voices can combine. It's also nice to hear JRB's music being done with more of a rock ensemble, and no string section. I love having this album playing next to me when I'm working, and highly recommend it.

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