Harvey Danger [Full Free Legit Album Online what?]

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Harvey Danger [Full Free Legit Album Online what?]

Post by dark77778 » Sun Sep 21, 2008 12:43 am

http://www.harveydanger.com/ <-- Man these guys have catchy songs, and I'm surprised Apple hasn't put some of them into iPod commercials...okay fine I know why but still, a good few of their songs sound like they'd be in some iSomething commercial. They've got a really nice sound and the only thing that I dislike about them is that their lyrics are really wordy like an overattentive poet instead of lyricist...still sounds good though. And hey, the full new album is FREE off their website so you can just delete it if you don't like it; (so there's no excuse for not downloading it...unless you just dislike that style of music or your hardrive needs that extra meg of space or else it'll crash and burn).

While I'm at it, might as well do some recommendations as to which songs are good vs. iffy: [not giving you the titles of the songs though, you'll have to download the album for that hahaha].

Track 1) Catchy piano but wordy lyrics
Track 2) Great song but kinda pessimistic, still kick ass.
Track 3) Same as above.
Track 4) Really cute song with sweet piano and vocals with a nice horn solo.
Track 5) Why isn't this in an iPod commercial at 1:37-onwards?
Track 6) Meh.
Track 7) Cool James: The title says it all.
Tracks 8,9,10) Really kinda suck, but there's always that handful of sucky tracks on every album.
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