The Crimson Monkey Patrol

Post illustrations, animation, graphic design, sketches, etc.
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Post by Biocreep » Thu Dec 29, 2005 8:51 pm

wow this is really nice and full of character!

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douglas a. bot
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Post by douglas a. bot » Thu Dec 29, 2005 9:14 pm

Great character!

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Post by Salvor » Fri Dec 30, 2005 1:04 am

Beautiful. Simply beautiful. :shock:

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Post by Clank » Fri Dec 30, 2005 1:40 am

This is amazing. I like the gun each monkey has.

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Post by bengal » Fri Dec 30, 2005 5:33 pm

AWESOME!!!!!! perfect.

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Post by Nofret » Tue Jan 03, 2006 5:03 pm

*BAdump* (falls off chair)
Ack, this is what happens if I stay away for too long from this board: almost missed this illustrations!
Jake, this looks awesome !!! I do hope you do something else inspired from this :D :D

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Post by JP » Wed Jan 04, 2006 12:17 am

Whoah! How come I've missed this earlier!? This is so cool. I really love the pose. And I'm truly a fan of that thin line of yours.

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Post by io » Wed Jan 04, 2006 7:33 pm

Cool, the monkeys seem more dangerous than the ape, makes me want to find out who they are.

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Post by fang » Fri Jan 06, 2006 3:50 am

the ape is more a transport you know...hehehehe the monkeys really look more dangerous... but... the REAL danger could be also the little girl hahahahahahha

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Captain Uglyhead
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Post by Captain Uglyhead » Fri Jan 06, 2006 1:27 pm

Ah! Three elite snipers and their burly bodyguard. But what's this? Such a perplexing creature they've stumbled upon...
It follows the continuity of the third Ziganokum movie. It stars Shrub Mikanore as Ziganokum and Bizzorum. With Johothin Griggor as Nebulox.

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Post by Mikie » Sun Jan 08, 2006 4:56 pm

Like it? It's awesome! Please do a story with this. I would love to see it.

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Post by JoshuaTheJames » Sat Jan 14, 2006 8:35 pm

Heheh. Awesome.

Btw do you know Pete Pacquett ..hmm not sure if thats how you spell his last name. He is an animator there at Blue Sky. He's a friend from a LucasArts internship.


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Post by Hyptosis » Mon Jan 16, 2006 4:45 am

freaking awesome indeed... good words... almost typed that myself, lucky I read the above posts...

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