Lego AT-AT's

Post illustrations, animation, graphic design, sketches, etc.
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Post by Tony » Fri May 13, 2005 9:56 am

You, my friend, are a GENIUS

Oh, and respect for having the balls to paint your lego. I could never do that.

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Post by Spex » Fri May 13, 2005 10:35 am

Damnit, people. It's just lego. It's a brand name, it can't be pluralized.

Anyway, these are rad, and that is some ballsy shit, painting them.

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Post by Jason » Fri May 13, 2005 11:37 am

These are great. Looking at these makes me imagine the bored stormtroopers who are running a customizing-military-vehicles scene on the side.
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Post by io » Fri May 13, 2005 6:52 pm

Thanks everyone! Even though they were difficult to paint it was alot of fun. Thanks for the tip Eddysign, those pics are great.

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Post by DrakeRed » Fri May 13, 2005 11:22 pm

Awesome! :D Really like the one with the spray paint.
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Post by bannister » Fri May 13, 2005 11:53 pm

haha, excellent ! i've never thought about painting lego, it's a great idea (if you don't plan to reuse the bircks :) =

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Post by Niall » Sat May 14, 2005 3:25 am

those are so cool

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Post by Nick » Sat May 14, 2005 2:11 pm

That is just so friggin cool!! Man, now I want one! 8) 8)

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matt spangler
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Post by matt spangler » Tue May 17, 2005 9:47 am

yeah, saw them in person and the graffiti one is just crazy detailed. All have really nice subtle touches (the exhaust on the flame one). Super dope radtacular.

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