The Daily Odyssey - My Daily Comic!

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The Daily Odyssey - My Daily Comic!

Post by OdysseanBrett » Mon Nov 17, 2008 6:26 pm

Hello fellow forumites, I'm a bit new to this place, but I've seen alot of people posting their work here, so I thought I'd kick in one of my latest projects:
The Daily Odyssey, a daily journal webcomic based on my life since I've move to Savannah, GA to live on my own.

In the beginning I just drew on a folded over peice of printer paper, scanned, cleaned it up and threw it up on the site, posted a little insight on what brought the comic on and such, here's my first comic:

But as of late, I've been trying something new. Losing the paper and pens, and using my tablet, so my lines look alot cleaner and expressive.
And since inks are done on different layers, I've been experimenting with coloring my lines. I suppose I got the idea from James Kochalka's "American Elf"
Here's a comic from saturday:

So I'm interested in whatever you all have to offer. Should I added more color? Or is it simple enough that I don't have to add any extra details?

Remember it is a daily comic, and I do have other projects, so these do go quick (I don't put more than an hour into any one comic). But I would be willing to add a little more to add some pep.

And I've been trying to increase readership, so if you have any advice on how to market myself online better, I'd appreciate that also.

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Post by Kid Galactus » Sat Nov 29, 2008 12:44 am

Well, for starters, you should probably post this in Storytellers circle. That's where comics go around here.

Secondly, the comic looks fine, man. I wouldn't give up so soon on paper and brush. Just takes some getting used to is all. I DO think the color strip looks much better though.

Keep posting.
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