Afterworks 2

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Afterworks 2

Post by Josh-Ulrich » Tue Dec 12, 2006 10:06 am

So i just discovered this book the other day and I'm about six or so stories into it. So far, I am very impressed.

I never read the origional afterworks, or was even aware of it, but now I'm going to be checking it out.

For anybody who was not aware of this book (like me), it's filled with stories by artists/writers from pixar, the simpsons (those are the only two I remember reading on the back, there are more), and all kinds of other, bigger name projects.

The book has a similar feel to the flight series in that it's a compilation with no direct theme. There is a vast variety of art and storytelling and the book so far has been a great read. If you've never checked out this series, it's worth looking into.


Here's a link to it on Image's website. They even mention the Flight series. ... orks060426

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