100 Bullets

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100 Bullets

Post by amhardly » Sun Nov 13, 2005 12:20 am

Okay so it's been mentioned I see ... three times? On this forum. I don't really read comics that much. Books, webcomics, but serial comics are just so often full of things that bore me or are totally ridiculous. But this series is great. Eduardo Risso's art is fantastic (inked in a style that reminds me somewhat of frank miller but I don't know if many people would get that - i guess it's cos it's noir-esque) and Brian Azzarello is a great writer, both of stories and of dialogue and colloquial dialects, vernacular. You may have seen the pair of them when they did a Batman story arc a little while ago, if you read batman. I read that. It was great, Batman is fun and dark, and they did a good job with him.

Anyway 100 bullets is really a great series. I read it trade by trade, and it's getting more intense. It began as a bunch of almost individual short stories with a slight underlying plot but the plot is really coming forward.

The "100 Bullets" title refers to the fact that a mysterious character shows up in random people's lives and hands them a suitcase with a pistol, 100 untraceable bullets ("if the police find that this gun fired the bullets, they will be given orders from highers-up to drop the case"), a photograph of a person, and undeniable documentation describing how the person in the photo ruined this person's life. They are to do with the gun and information as they wish. Like a little experiment thing. It's fascinating.

I guess they're making a videogame of it now, too, but I don't know about that. The books are great anyway. Also Sgt. Rock, written by Brian Azzarello.
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