the little prince

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the little prince

Post by bluebottle » Wed Feb 04, 2004 3:27 am

hej, one of my favourite books ever is 'the little prince' by Antoine de Saint-Exupére. originally in french. it's a story about a boy who lives on a little asteroid, b612, and comes to earth. you may have read it in earlier years of school, (i never did but my ex-girlfriend introduced me to it and i've loved it since)
story about imagination, tolerance and human life. a lot deeper than made out to be, partly because it has illustrations in it so people assume it's just another kids book.
now when friends birthdays roll around this is my present of choice.
'something really witty/funny or profound here!'

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Post by Stick » Wed Feb 04, 2004 6:10 am

got the book.

love it.

gave it to my younger cousin.

sad. :cry:

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Post by VC » Wed Feb 04, 2004 7:19 am

Was my favorite book of all I read last year (and that was a LOT, I was on a real reading binge)
I've been meaning to post some additional info about it on my site, but school and miscellaneous projects keep on getting in the way. Damn them.

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Post by aquateen000 » Sat Feb 28, 2004 12:08 am

what a classic...
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Post by Sketchy » Thu Apr 01, 2004 10:14 pm

Baobobs! hehe.

It's a cute but tender book, kinda like Silverstein's "The Giving Tree," it's a sad tale that can reach adults and children equally.
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