Bill Brysons Short History of Nearly Everything

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Bill Brysons Short History of Nearly Everything

Post by Designer Monkey » Mon Aug 09, 2004 7:15 am

Reading this book has me seriously freaked out...
He explains about the world and universe in a way you can (just about) get to grips with, and it makes you question EVERYTHING.
It's also pretty funny and smoothly written.
What's exciting about it is that it points to how little in fact we do know about anything - and this makes a cynical old Designer Monkey like myself look up from his computer, blink, and find new magic in the world.
It has me lying in bed at night contemplating the fact I'm spinning through the cosmos at a dizzying 900kmph, and trying to imagine what's actually swimming down there 7miles below the ocean (Seeing as there's been more people on the moon there) - and much, much more.
Brilliant. Try it. Wonder.
p.s. If you live anywhere near Yellowstone Park, you might want to consider moving sometime soon...
The Jungle? Yeah, I do kinda miss it...but it's nice to get off the food chain, y'know??

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