howl's moving castle

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howl's moving castle

Post by niftylite » Tue Jul 27, 2004 11:33 am

apologies if there is already a thread for ths - please delete it if there is!!!

i'm a little over halfway through reading howl's moving castle by dwj - its not usually a thing i do - to read the book before seeing the movie - but the book ws given to me as a present after i'd went on and on to my friend about it ... so here i am reaing it!
it FEELS like a miyazaki film, even when i'm reading it - i can imagine the scenery, the people, the movements, the clothes, the demons, the castle...everything! has anyone read it/is anybody considering reading it before seeing the ghibli film?

i'm still half and halfs as to weather i SHOULD be reading it before the film or not - but its a wonderful book. and well worth reading IMO! :D

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Post by Covielle » Thu Jul 29, 2004 4:08 pm

I liked her book "Dogsbody" better, but Moving Castle has "quietly monumental images of loveliness" written all over it.

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Post by VC » Fri Jul 30, 2004 4:24 pm

I read the book when I first heard about it being made into a Miyazaki film. I don't make a point of reading a book before I see the movie, but I've always been dissapointed at how books (just plain written books, not manga) that have been adapted to anime rarely get translated. I still wish that they'd bring out the books that Kiki's Delivery Service and Perfect Blue were adapted from.
Forgive the ramble. I'll get back on topic.
The book made me laugh. I like how Jones planned it. There's a sense of irony to how things play out. Probably my favorite bit was how Sophie's power, which is something she never even noticed she had, became so intrinsic to the story.
I first read the story in one sitting, from sometime in the afternoon until after midnight. I hope to reread it before the movie is available in america because I probably missed some good stuff by reading the whole thing at once.

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