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Zuda Comics for Dec

Post by kyle-latino » Tue Dec 04, 2007 2:52 pm

(originally from my blog)
Okay, time for some catching up. Last month's Zuda winner was: High Moon. It was my pick, so I'm happy and excited about it.

Now, let's talk about the rating system. I notice that a lot of comics are getting more stars than I think they deserve. No biggy, people like other things. But I think it could be do to the fact that most don't really understand how a five star system works, what each level means; so here is a key:

* (thanks for turning something in, I guess)
** (the average amateur can do this well)
*** (better than most amateurs)
**** (professional level, I couldn't do better with the same time and technical skill)
***** (completely perfect line, color, composition, story telling, lettering, and writing)

So, when you hop on Zuda and make your votes, use this to guide you.


Word of Power ( gets *****)
Even though it didn't get my pick, I still be disappointed if it doesn't win. This entry definitely takes the artistic high ground. It's B&W manga styling with elegant but sparse color wash is astoundingly good.

Crooked Man (gets ***** and my pick)
This entry has class, style, and professionalism written all over it. I have to say, it wins the pick from Word of Power because of the heavy and gorgeous blacks. Gabriel Hardman, the artist, is a professional in the movie making industry.[/img]

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