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Post by Gunwhale » Mon Aug 13, 2007 10:09 am

I just finished reading Eisner/Miller yesterday. It's basically the transcription of a series of discussions between Will Eisner and Frank Miller from 2002 or so on the various aspects of the comics medium: form, content, art in relation to story, breaking into the business, publishing, dealing with editors, the future of the medium itself, etc.

It's neat to see how Miller and Eisner both have distinct ways of looking at all these aspects. I got the sense that Miller, while focused on good storytelling, is more concerned with pushing the boundaries and challenging the conventions and traditions of comics, while Eisner is more concerned with telling good stories well.

I also liked how Miller would every once in a while throw out a one-liner criticism of something he dislikes and Eisner will come back and say, 'no wait, you weren't there to see it happen. this is how the business was back then, and this is how we had to deal with it'. It's a good presentation of both sides of the argument from Miller and Eisner's perspectives.

So anyways, anyone read this? Good stuff.
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