The Hills Have Eyes

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The Hills Have Eyes

Post by Yuikio » Mon Mar 13, 2006 3:07 pm

...was pretty cool. It was incredibly intense, mostly because in the first half-hour Aja (director) makes it abundantly clear that action/horror movie conventions are getting shot in the head without buildup or remorse. (hint hint) More than just being graphic, it was scary because the antagonist mutant-people were vicious, vindictive, moral-free, crafty and creepy-looking. They never got "caught monologuing," a la Syndrome, and like every other villain in every other movie, so that a main character could escape certain gory death. In short, they acted like you know every scary antagonist in every horror movie should be acting.

The movie had stupid contrivances (drop the gun right by the mutant you just shot without genuinely checking he's dead? C'mon.) but the one scene near the beginning carried the rest of the movie. It was so brutal and shocking that you absolutely needed the poor family to recoup and emerge victorious. And after that scene, it didn't seem inevitable, like you know it always is. In fact, the movie makes you think, hey, everyone IS gonna die. Holy shit! in the way that other similar movies pretend to, but obviously don't intend to actually do so.
It was well acted, and beautifully shot; New Mexican mutant-infest badlands can be pretty, obviously. It just seemed so real, it didn't have that I-know-this-is-a-movie sort-of aura, I guess. Which is desirable when you're watching a suspense/gore-horror about nuclear mutants and a stranded family.

So this breaks my bad-movie streak at four; Saw II, Harry Potter IV, Nightwatch, and one other obviously un-memorable flick.

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Post by SonOfaRich » Mon Mar 13, 2006 3:20 pm

Ever seen the original?
Intergalactic proton powered electrical tentacle advertising droids!!!!!

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