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Post by PuzzleShift » Wed Mar 23, 2005 10:42 pm

Kazu wrote:
Siftland wrote:
Kazu wrote:If your entire story hinged on a concept, you're off on the wrong foot to begin with.
What does that mean exactly? Isn't every story hinged on a concept? If you take away the entire concept that spawned it then I guess a good story could still exist. But that's like having Jurassic Park but without the dinosaurs or something.
I feel Jurassic Park is about technology gone awry and the folly of man's attempt to control nature for the sake of doing it. Dinosaurs became the tool the storyteller uses to convey that idea. On a secondary level, the characters grow into their own and have their own stories and agendas that don't require concepts to explore them. When I see a film that is obviously based solely on the concept and the characters and plot evolve from that concept, it usually leaves a bad taste in my mouth (as Robots did). This only touches a very sensitive subject for me, since I used to build my stories around concepts, wondering why they were always failing (at least in the back of my mind). Once I stopped caring about the "cool" or "wow" factor and started caring about the characters and the ideas expressed, I found that I could tell powerful stories most anywhere, even while retreading the same material someone else had covered, which is something that will inevitably happen anyway.
Anyone read Crichton's latest, State of Fear? Sadly enough, it suffers from exactly what you guys are talking about: it is a vehicle for Crichton's distaste for global warming theory, and the plot and characters suffer greatly for it.


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Post by Yuikio » Sat Apr 30, 2005 1:25 pm

I dunno. Stylistically, the trailer was good, IMHO. It wasn't shot in the generic, faux-excited ADD way that usually marks a bad movie from the outset. (For an example, see the new Martin Lawrence movie whose trailer I saw right after the one for Zathura.)

The biggest thing that will spell this movie's doom is reliance on child acting. Child actors do ruinous, horrific things to movies.
And yeah, especially coming from the author of "Jumanji," this movie will almost certainly be Space Jumanji. And Jumanji sucked.

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Post by tinyforest » Sat May 14, 2005 9:32 pm

maybe my memories of the book "jumanji" are faulty, but i kind of hated the movie version because it came across to me as a sort of horror movie. these kids had no choice but to play the game out to the end or else horrible things will happen. and when they play, horrible, stressful, traumatizing things happen anyway!

it kind of looks like zathura will be the same, except they'll market it as a "fantastic adventure" while if i was in those kids' places i would be incredibly upset and terrified the whole time.

and speaking of concepts, in high school i started writing a novel/screenplay thing in which a teenage girl wakes up the day after her 18th birthday only to find that suddenly she's 37, a mom, and married to a guy who wasn't the guy she thought she was going to marry (h.s. sweetheart). then "family man" with nick cage came out before I was even half finished with it, and I moaned and wailed and abandoned the project. i found the notebook some time later and re-read what i had and abandoned it for good, because i realized i never really had any direction for the story to begin with. then "13 going on 30" came out and i decided it was probably for the best. ;)
comics and adorable animals. tiny forest

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Post by Coheteboy » Mon May 16, 2005 5:26 pm

Let's hope Jon Favreau will do a better job than Joe Johnston did on Jumanji.
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