Ghost Rider DVD release

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Ghost Rider DVD release

Post by wingedpegasus » Sun Jul 01, 2007 10:00 am

hello all,

would just like to ask if anyone has info on the Ghost Rider extended DVD release that's coming out over here (UK) on Tuesday? I actually really enjoyed the film, contrary to what i've read, and pretty sure i intend on buying it.
it perhaps wasn't quite oscar winning material, but that wasn't really what i was was entertaining over all and Johnson seems to have stayed pretty faithful to the original graphic novel. i'm wondering if the additional material is also actually taken from the comic or just made up and also what the other extra features are like?

if anyone's seen it on Blu ray then i'm jealous cause the film was visually really impressive and i'd love to see it in high def.
if you'd like to contribute to my HD TV and Blu ray/PS3 fund please get in touch :wink:

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