POTC3 (spoilers)

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POTC3 (spoilers)

Post by MG » Sun May 27, 2007 10:23 am

Well, I saw the new "Pirates" movie. After the last disaster, my expectations were low, but I had a really good time with this one. Was the story convoluted and top heavy? Absolutely. However, I was able to determine what was going on and I wasn't bored, which is more than I can say about #2. I also thought that the characters were developed satisfactorily, especially Elizabeth. And the special effects were AMAZING.

My favorite scene was when Jack was hallucinating in Davy Jone's locker. The wedding scene was fun also. What do you guys think?

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Post by Beetle » Mon May 28, 2007 7:35 am

The real story plowed through too many unneeded subplots. Also, I wanted to see if the pacing was any better in this movie, but it wasn't.

But Keith Richards was cool.

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Post by jgriffiths » Mon May 28, 2007 4:24 pm

Actually I think Keith Richards was the only thing I didn't love about the film. Despite the fact that he pulled it off pretty well, I hate cameos in films, actors have to spend inordinate amounts of effort and time in their first scenes setting up their character. All I thought when he came on screen was 'Oh look Keith Richards' instead of 'Jack's Dad', and it completely pulled me out of the story.

I loved the action and the twisty-turny plot. The comedy was better and much more consistent, and Johnny Depp was great as always.

But mainly, Pirates 3 was awesome because Geoffrey Rush fucking owned.

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Post by SonOfaRich » Tue May 29, 2007 5:34 pm

It has a confusing plot but they sure know how to make pirates look good.
Long movie.
Lot of exposition.
Some unnecessary gags.
Drawn out fight scenes.
Overall it was enjoyable.
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Post by Steven » Fri Jun 01, 2007 8:04 pm

I think it was a fun movie, but it could have used more color in places. The tone seemed to stay gray through most of the movie. They also tried to add too many characters at a time. Overall, though, I loved it.

Steven C.

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