Rogue Trooper film?

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Rogue Trooper film?

Post by Felix » Thu May 24, 2007 4:47 am

Given the rich world that the trooper inhabited and the solid storylines - except perhaps the Fort Neuro sub story - this character is ripe for a quality war film.

Judge Dredd - the other character of similar fame from 2000Ad comics- had a hollywood outing, that proved to be pretty poor afair from start to finish. What gets me is that studio execs' seem to immediately associate comics and animation with children only. They probably see the 12 to 17 year old range as a gold mine and so make directors ignore either the deep emotional/political sub plots or incredibly strong violence that such comics portray.

Sin City was a welcome departure from this, if not just for a decent onscreen version of the aggression in Miller's work. However, Miller wrote that violence as an integral part to his characters psyche and as a reflection of the brutality of the world of Sin City, in the movie it came accross as almost unnecessary. I like Rodriguez work in general. Spy Kids for example, I thought they were fun films, but that same passion that showed through in those films was missing in Sin City.

So back to 'Blue and Nu Earth. The art work in those strips was excellent. Really top class. Rebellion produced a game of Rogue Trooper a couple of years ago. It was a good attempt at reproducing the atmosphere of the comics and of course being interactive you can directly influence when and how you break the 'fourth wall' and so orchestrate your own level of involvement in a way that isn't possible in film. However, it lacked maybe the funding or the technology to accurately populate the game environment with the constant 'chem-fog' or war torn ground that in the comics is seen to be strewn with broken vessels and remnants of a war waged over many years. So my point is that I think a hollywood film would have the funding to really make such an impressive static 2D depiction into a real and beliveable war film. If only they kept their integrity and chose the right cast...

Stallone was no Judge Dredd.

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