Yon Kuma Webcomic goes live

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Yon Kuma Webcomic goes live

Post by jorge f. muñoz » Tue Jan 20, 2009 7:13 am


Here's the press release:
Bear-Wrestling Webcomic YON KUMA Goes Live

YON KUMA (“Four Bears”) is a twice-weekly, finite webcomic launching January 19, 2009. It is an action-humor comic following the twelve-year-old bear wrestler Bunyan Paulson as he contends with the four bear wrestling champions known as the Yon Kuma.

PENNSYLVANIA/MEXICO - January 19, 2009 -- YON KUMA (“Four Bears”) is an action/comedy webcomic following a young bear wrestler as he seeks out and defeats the Yon Kuma, the Four Great Bears who serve as the world champions of human/bear wrestling.

Written by Josh Hechinger (Comic Book Tattoo), with art by Jorge F. Muñoz, YON KUMA will be running two color pages a week until it completes its 88 page run.

Having lost his parents to a particularly hungry bear, young Bunyan Paulson resolved to become the greatest bear wrestler in the world by seeking out and defeating the Yon Kuma. He’s aided in his efforts by Rochelle Roundtree, part-time park ranger/referee, and her father Richaud, himself a former bear wrestling champion.

In addition to defeating the Yon Kuma, Bunyan also searches for Scarsbury, the bear that ate his parents. Unknown to Bunyan (yet conveniently enough), Scarsbury is also pursuing the Yon Kuma.

“Between the subject matter and the short length, Jorge and I felt this story was kind of a weird one to ask your average comic shop to take a chance on,” said writer Josh Hechinger. “We think it has a much better chance of finding its audience online.”

BOMB QUEEN writer/artist Jimmie Robinson calls YON KUMA: "Crazy fun! Josh and Jorge spin Yon Kuma firmly in a world of action and comedy. Bunyan Paulson is a character taking the wrestling sport to new heights -- and we're happy to follow."

YON KUMA can be found at http://www.yonkuma.com. New pages are uploaded Mondays and Wednesdays, while Fridays will feature behind the scenes material such as sketches, script excerpts, and character notes.

Josh Hechinger, writer
[email protected]
Feel free to check us out!

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