OMG, this ain't going to work....

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OMG, this ain't going to work....

Post by The_Noik » Wed Nov 23, 2005 2:39 am

Have a little problem, got suprised by the news that I'm going to visit
the college of art in Utrecht. (Biggest Art college in holland.)

The bad thing about this suprise is that I have only 6 hours left
to create a portofolio. :(

I'm collecting some drawings, but most are character designs,
and if I'm right, they would also love to see some other skills.
(Kinda stupid question I'm asking here....:lol:)

Another problem is that I totaly suck with making landscapes,
but I'm going to try to watch at some existing landscapes.

Need something nice, in an insane short time, oh my...

Well.....wish me good luck, hope I will make it, but I'm not counting on it.

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