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Secret Identities

Posted: Fri May 08, 2009 1:43 pm
by gau dog
Nice pinup, Kazu. Are you going to draw the whole story out?

I got through the first round of submission acceptance of SI, did some sketches, and was forced to grind a bunch of edits but in the end I was cut. Their book turned out nice though it's interesting to compare the changes in their preliminary lineup and the final.

The prelim lineup:

The final lineup:
IN THE BEGINNING (PREFACE): Story by Jeff Yang; art by Jef Castro

--DRIVING STEEL: Story by Jeff Yang; art by Benton Jew
--SAM MEETS LARRY HAMA by Tak Toyoshima

--INTERSTITIAL by Parry Shen; art by Alex Tarampi

--9066: Story by Jonathan Tsuei; art by Jerry Ma
--HEROES WITHOUT A COUNTRY: Story by Daniel Jai Lee; art by Vince Sunico
--GAMAN: Story by Jamie Ford; art by Alex Tarampi
--THE HIBAKUSHA: Story by Parry Shen; art by Glenn Urieta

--REDIRECTING COMICS: GREG PAK by Keith Chow; art by A.L. Baroza
--THE CITIZEN: Story by Greg Pak; art by Bernard Chang
--SIDEKICKS: YANG + KANG by Keith Chow; art by A.L. Baroza
--THE BLUE SCORPION & CHUNG: Story by Gene Yang; art by Sonny Liew
--JAMES: Story by Michael Kang; art by Erwin Haya

--INTERSTITIAL by Jason Sperber; art by Chi-Yun Lau

--FEATURING: AGENT ORANGE by Dustin Nguyen & Dustin Nguyen; JIA by Kelly Hu & Cliff Chiang; GAZE by Sung Kang, Billy Tan, & Walden Wong; FLIGHT by Ian Kim; CATACLYSM by Yul Kwon & Deodato Pangandoyon; SHINE by Leonardo Nam & Anthony Tan; GO by Kazu Kibuishi; and PARALLEL PENNY by Anthony Wu

--INTERSTITIAL by Keith Chow; art by Chi-Yun Lau

--NOW THERE'S SOMETHING: GREG LAROCQUE by Keith Chow; art by Alexander Shen
--TRINITY: Story and art by Greg LaRocque
--NO EXIT: Story by Naeem Mohaiemen; art by Glenn Urieta
--THE WALLPASSER: Story by Clarence Coo; art by Jerry Ma
--TWILIGHT: Story by Ted Chung & Anuj Shrestha; art by Anuj Shrestha
--S.O.S.: Story by Tanuj Chopra; art by Alex Joon Kim

--INTERSTITIAL by Kripa Joshi

--YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT: Story by Lynn Chen; art by Paul Wei
--SAMPLER: Story by Jimmy Aquino; art by Erwin Haya
--LEARN TO SHARE: Story by Keiko Agena; art by Ming Doyle
--A DAY AT COSTUMECO: Story by Jeff Yang; art by A.L. Baroza
--SUPERGRRL by Hellen Jo

--INTERSTITIAL by Raymond Sohn

--DAVID KIM: Story by John Kuramoto; art by Christine Norrie
--MEET JOE: Story by Koji Steven Sakai; art by John Franzese
--ON THE THIRD DAY: Story and art by Johann Choi
--LONG, THE DRAGON BOY: Story and art by Martin Hsu
--JUSTIFIED: Story by Ken Wong; art by Tiffanie Hwang
--JUST ORDINARY: Story by Nick Huang; art by Alexander Shen

--INTERSTITIAL by Parry Shen; art by Jeremy Arambulo

--16 MILES: Story by Parry Shen; art by Sarah Sapang
--TAKING BACK TROY: Story by Jeff Yang; art by Francis Tsai
--PERIL: Story by Keith Chow; art by Jef Castro

Posted: Fri May 08, 2009 11:46 pm
by neil
I didn't realize I was drawing a story! :shock:

I am really looking forward to reading this book. There is a story by Gene Yang and Sonny Liew?! :D

Posted: Sat May 09, 2009 9:30 am
by gau dog
Sorry neil, you got cut. :)

Posted: Mon May 11, 2009 2:26 pm
by Josh Mauser
man, I must have missed something. What is this project?

Posted: Mon May 11, 2009 9:31 pm
by gau dog
It's one of those "let's get even for being victims of comic racism by making our own racist comics" type of projects.

I'm kidding.

Posted: Wed May 13, 2009 11:22 am
by neil
Yeah, I think it was motivated by the observation that there are a lot of asian american comics creators and few asian american characters--so the theme is basically asian american characters by asian american creators. I don't know if there's anything more specific than that.

Gau dog, you should post your story! I wanna read.

Posted: Thu May 14, 2009 3:30 am
by gau dog
Now that I look at it again, my story IS pretty stupid! But it was kinda fun. Here's the drafts, from the original 6 pager to the 3 page hack & slash: ... yIcons.doc

And here's a few fav sketches:
(He's a very troubled octupus... with a dark dirty package)

(These guys are Hawaiian so their Giant Robot HAS to know how to surf.)

(I couldn't imagine a super chameleon going without a tricked out rider)

(kid+giant weapon=end of the world)

Sorry neil, I didn't get around to making up an Indian American superhero. :( Although I will confess, I am quite a fan of this: and others like "little superstar" and "golimar". If I ever did make an Indian superhero, maybe irresistible dance moves and singing skillz could be the superpower.