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BD News/Review blogs in English?

Post by B Moore » Mon Aug 06, 2007 5:30 pm

Does anyone have a recommendation for an English-language blog that focuses mostly (if not solely) on bande dessinee? I'm looking for a news and reviews-format site that covers contemporary works, and ideally has articles on older books as well.

For the most part I'm cool with using Babel Fish or puzzling things out myself, but it would be a big aid to understanding (not to mention faster) to read in my primary language. At least until I get serious about learning French.

I currently follow "Bart Beaty's Conversational Euro-Comics" on The Comics Reporter, and make occasional visits to du9 (which has begun translating some articles into English). A new (Spanish-language) blog I just found is La BD, which is the model for the kind of blog I'm looking for. Of course there's always Lambiek, but it's daunting to plow through the entries in the hopes of learning something.

Thanks in advance!

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