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by kbn
Wed Nov 30, 2005 11:01 am
Forum: Storytellers Circle
Topic: "Graduated" (finally finished!!!)
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I think everybody fresh outta college can relate to this. I know I sure can. Great comic!
by kbn
Sun Nov 27, 2005 9:58 pm
Forum: Storytellers Circle
Topic: Just a little...kung fu!
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Just a little...kung fu! I started my Flight forum account over a year ago and made, I think, about a total of four posts before I disappeared and went back to school for a year. But now that I'm all done and have got my degree, I've got a bit more time to surf the internet and not worry about spending too much time...
by kbn
Tue Aug 17, 2004 8:35 am
Forum: Hotel Adriano
Topic: Greetings from London
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Wow...that expressed everything I've felt about Flight but couldn't find the words for. My interest in superhero comics has also been waning as of late as I slowly...very slowly...realized that I was just reading the same storylines year after year after year, albeit with improving artwork and produ...
by kbn
Tue Aug 03, 2004 2:17 pm
Forum: Storytellers Circle
Topic: The Cautionary Tale of Mr Latchkey
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That was morbidly cute. I can almost picture a short little stop-motion animated film coming from that with clay puppets a la Nightmare Before Christmas.

by kbn
Thu Jul 15, 2004 3:54 pm
Forum: Hotel Adriano
Topic: What's your favorite cartoon series?
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Ghostbusters. The Real ones. Not the strange one with three guys in orange jumpsuits catching ghosts in nets (or something). Also liked Visionaries, He-man (for it's knucklehead charm), and the psychedelic 1960s Spider-man, heh.
by kbn
Wed Jul 14, 2004 11:09 am
Forum: Storytellers Circle
Topic: Rookie comic
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Rookie comic

Hiya, I've been lurking here for a few weeks now and I've finally decided to participate. I currently work in an office where my job is to occupy a chair and desk for 8 hours a day. The Internet is my only link to the outside world and visiting this forum and reading all the wonderful comics is one ...