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by Yobi
Mon Jan 21, 2008 5:55 am
Forum: Storytellers Circle
Topic: Non Compatible - short story
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Beautiful work! My only complaint is that some of the text takes more than an instant to understand.
by Yobi
Mon Jan 21, 2008 5:51 am
Forum: Storytellers Circle
Topic: House of krazees
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Hm... you can still make it a lot more presentable even if you used a camera. Even just doing an Auto-Contrast (if you use photoshop) will help a lot. The way it is presented right now in very discouraging to any would-be critics: If you can't be bothered to make it easier to see, then perhaps we ca...
by Yobi
Sun Jan 13, 2008 8:49 am
Forum: Storytellers Circle
Topic: Winter Storm(warning blood and gore)(edited 14 Feb)
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This is good. First thing that I can criticize is the second panel. I think that's supposed to be the ripped-open carcass in the middle, but it looks too smudgy. Perhaps more definition on the ribs would improve it. Another thing is the falling snow. I like how the snow is depicted in the third pane...